Electropolisher and Sandblaster

Complete Metal Finishing in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is an industry leader in metal finishing. In support of our ongoing growth, we have immediate openings for Sandblaster and Electro-Polishing professionals to join our team.


  • Abrades surfaces of metal or hard composition objects to remove scale, sand, paint, grease, rust, dirt, and to impart specified finish using abrasive blasting equipment.
  • Shovels or pours abrasives such as sand into a machine hopper.
  • Masks off areas of the objects to protect from abrading action.
  • Loads or carries objects into enclosed room.
  • Regulates pressure and composition of abrasive mixture flowing through nozzle.
  • Manually directs nozzle over surface.
  • Examines finished parts to ensure conformance to specifications.

Skills needed: Attention to detail is a must, ability to lift/carry objects, standing while sandblasting for long periods of time if necessary. Following directions as specified by customers request. Ability to read directions and multi task. Will train the right candidate.


  • Electro-polisher will be responsible for the electro-polishing process – cleans and polishes metal in an electrochemical solution.
  • An electrical current passes through a chemical bath. It improves the appearance of metals while leaving a smooth shiny finish, free from corrosion-causing impurities and imperfections.

Skills needed: Attention to detail is a must, ability to read tracking sheets / prints and follow specifications needed to complete the project.  Ability to multi task, at the same time following safety requirements. Will train the right candidate.

We offer a competitive pay rate and benefits.

To apply: Please email resume to: HR@completeco.com or fill out the form below.

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