While electropolishing is best known for the bright polish that is left on a surface, there are some important – and sometimes overlooked – benefits of this metal removal method. These benefits include deburring, size control, microfinish improvement and fulfilling the ASTM B912 standard for electropolishing.

Complete Metal Finishing provides the following:

  • Large Part Capability – One of the biggest tanks in the industry
  • Assembly work
  • On-Site Weld Clean-Up
  • 24 Hour Service Available
  • All EPA Standards Met or Exceeded
  • Value Added Services
  • Samples Processed in 24 hours at no additional charge
  • Pickup and Delivery Available

Benefits of electropolishing are:

  • Deburring and Sharpening of Surgical Instruments
  • Removal of Discoloration and Scale
  • Highest Quality Surface Cleaning
  • Increased Corrosion Protection
  • Superior Quality Reflective Finishes
  • Surface Finishing Greatly Improved
  • Total Passivation

Industries we serve include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Beverage
  • Bio Pharmaceutical
  • Dairy
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Food Processing
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Military Spec
  • Stainless Fabrication
  • Surgical
  • Architectural
  • Energy (Nuclear and Solar)

Media Blasting

Complete Metal Finishing provides media blasting for all ferrous and nonferrous metals in two independent Blast Rooms to maintain contamination free operations. Blast services are offered to provide an anchor pattern for coating preparation for all metals or as a final finish for stainless steel and aluminum using a variety of media including garnet, glass bead, coal slag, steel shot, steel grit, ceramic, walnut shell, and more. Our blasting services follow the SSPC (Steel Structures Painting Council) standards to meet your specific requirements.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Complete Metal Finishing is committed to supplying our customers with quality products and services. We strive for customer satisfaction by continually reviewing our customer’s feedback and continual review and improvement of our quality management systems.

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