Complete Metal Finishing can handle all your passivation needs, including assistance with mobile and/or complete passivation to meet FDA requirements for “Microbial Intervention.” We provide on-site passivation using either Nitric or Citric Acids as well as ongoing contract maintenance programs. Our Complete Passivation Service follows the ASTM International A-00e1 Standard Practice for Cleaning, Descaling, and Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment and Systems and our technical cleaning specifications comply with ASTM 380 and Passivation ASTM 967.

Our complete passivation process starts with a team of highly trained professionals that work closely with you to ensure there is minimal to no downtime. Our team of professionals will leave your site area in the same condition as we found it, except it will be newly cleaned and passivated. Our proven process follows a basic nine-step approach:

  1. We mechanically and/or chemically prepare all welds (as needed)
  2. We pre-clean all components with an alkaline solution
  3. We rinse and dry components
  4. We apply passivation solution to all components (nitric or citric acid, per customer request)
  5. We deionize rinse if available (on-site)
  6. We dry all components
  7. We test for successful passivation using the copper sulfate test method or testing equipment
  8. If required, we procure certification of the process results
  9. All disposal of neutralized waste stream will be done on-site to the customer’s waste treatment system

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