More Than Just A Bright Finish


Electropolishing is best known for the bright finish but there are important benefits of this metal treatment.
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Our Electropolishing Capabilities

Our Electropolishing work provides deburring, size control, microfinish improvement, and fulfilling the ASTM B912 standard for Electropolishing.
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Our Kalamazoo Facility Features

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Large Part Capability
We are proud to have one of the largest electropolish baths in North America at 8"x9'x20'.
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Assembly Work
We are committed to supplying our customers with quality products and services.
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On-Site Weld Cleanup
We offer a range of mechanical finishing requirements to assure that your finished product meets specifications.
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24 Hour Service Available
We are able to process samples in 24 hours at no additional charge with pickup and delivery available.
Why Electropolish?

The Benefits of Electropolishing

Electropolishing enhances the near-surface chemistry of stainless steel by removing embedded particles and inclusions.

Improved Surface Finish
Increased Resistance to Corrosion
Reduced Product Adhesion & Ease of Cleaning
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Total Deburring
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Attractive Appearance
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Complete Metal Finishing

Our Core Services

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